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Established Fashion Designer of twelve years in Second Life. Bringing you classy casual mesh clothing at affordable prices. Step into style! All Mesh items are exclusive to the Rebel Hope brand.  Come visit my boutique on Rebel Hope Designs sim within Second Life ©

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HUGE Sale!!!

Time for a clearance sale!

All items except for "new mesh" items are on sale. Prices slashed deeply! I'll be running the sale through July 2nd in which time Rebel Hope will have a new look and some new designs as well.

Come get it while it's marked low because a lot of these things will be going away forever!

You can find my store on Rebel Hope Designs sim


New Sabrina Mesh Dresses!

The new Sabrina mesh dresses are simple fun formal/semi formal.  I've created them in five yummy colors for you to choose from.  Be sure to stop by the in world store on the Rebel Hope Designs sim or go to My Marketplace Store to get a demo!  The Posh jewelry in my previous post is created to coordinate with with this dress as well. 



Posh Chunky Jewelry

New Chunky Posh Jewelry.  The very couture gemstone rings are designed to coordinate with the new Sabrina Mesh Dress.  You'll get both white gold and yellow gold in the gemstone ring pack (ten rings) The earrings are just fun can be worn with anything! You can also find them on Marketplace  You can visit my in world store by clicking HERE


NEW Lalani Mesh Halther Gowns and Jewelry

Bringing you another mesh gown......

Lalani is sultry and very sexy done in a light sateen fabric. Adorned around the neck is silver glitter as well as a silver glitter bow for the backside to add a touch of class.

I've created 8 delicious rich colors for you on this one. My mesh gowns are all now set to the standardized sizing of five size options. There are free standardized shapes to demo at the store as well as a demo for the gown.

You will also find the jewelry I've created to go along with this gown. Included are dramatic drop dangle earrings and two cuff bracelets offered in Platinum or Gold.

You will find them in the "New Items" area from the teleporter or on the formal side across from bridal.

As with all my designs, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

My Marketplace store <~~~ click here

Rebel Hope Designs, Inc. <~~~~Teleport Directly to teleport in world


New Stephanie Mesh Gown

I bring you a new MESH gown, Stephanie. This gown will come with both Average and Curvy shapes as well as for heels or without heels versions. The bustier type bodice is accented with a rhinestone effect and sculpted ruffles across the chest and around the back giving that soft feminine look. (NOTE: Stephanie comes in 10 delicious colors but just six shown here on the notecard.)

Please try a demo before you purchase to make sure you can view mesh properly. Thank you.

A new fashion jewelry set coming this week also!

Rebel Hope Designs, Inc. <~~click here to teleport in world